How To: Add Courses To The Approved Courses List For Captioning

Note: Once a course is on the Approved Courses list the Admin no longer needs to approve individual recordings for Closed Captioning.

1. From the Admin Dashboard, under “Recorders and Recordings, click on “Caption Requests”

Admin Dashboard CC

3. Click on the “Requests Tasks” drop down and select Approved courses.


5. Type in the Course Name of the course you would like to add to the Approved Courses list.


Caption Approved Courses

6.  Click the Approve Course button to add the course to the list.

Note: If you wish to have courses generate captions automatically and not a 3rd party vendor; Check the ‘Automatically generate captions‘ box below the Course box.


automate generate captions


7. Click Close to save the course to the list.

Once enabled Instructors will still need to request captions for their recordings; See the article How To: Request Captioning for a Recording

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