Help for IT Administrators

Getting Started

Admin Dashboard overview
Adding courses and assigning membership using “ad-hoc courses/enrollments (Course Builders)”
Adding new users with “ad-hoc users (User Builder)”
Guide to Tegrity icons
June 2015 highlights for administrators
Visual guide to Tegrity viewer
Visual guide to My Tegrity homepage


AAIRS Downloads
AAIRS explained
AAIRS Overview
How to: AAIRS setup Authentication, Authorization and Interlinks
How to: Install the Angel Nugget for Tegrity AAIRS
How to: Install the Blackboard Building Block for Tegrity AAIRS
How to: Install the Moodle Block for Tegrity AAIRS
What is AAIRS Authentication?
What is AAIRS Authorization?
How to: Use WebCT with AAIRS

How to’s

How to: Activate Virtual Appliance
How to: Add a Video to a Recording
How to: Change General Recording Options
How to: Change Publishing Settings
How to: Configure Faronics Deep Freeze for Tegrity Recorder
How to: Enable Publishing to iTunes U
How to: Connect Tegrity recorder to multimedia room consoles
How to: Copy a scheduled recording using Tegrity Scheduler
How to: Create an admin user
How to: Create a vodcast for a previously created recording
How to: Create closed caption file
How to: Customize the user interface
How to: Cut and paste scheduled recordings using Tegrity Scheduler
How to: Define “Get Support” email address
How to: Delete a scheduled recording on Tegrity Scheduler
How to: Delete-an entire schedule with Tegrity Scheduler
How to: Edit Scheduled Recordings in Tegrity Scheduler
How to: Enable Gale integration
How to: Enable live sessions
How to: Enable video podcasting
How to: Install and Use the Tegrity Scheduler
How to: Make Tegrity work in a Faronics Deep Freeze Enterprise Environment
How to: Re-queue a recording (on a Mac)
How to: Record in Multimedia Room Mode
How to: Reinforce login before recording
How to: Remove a recording from the upload queue
How to: Reorder recordings
How to: Reprocess a recording
How to: Repurpose recording content
How to: Re-upload or Re-queue a recording on a PC
How to: Schedule an Automatic Recurring Class Recording
How to: Schedule Single Class Recordings with Tegrity Scheduler
How to: Uninstall the Tegrity Recorder
How to: Use an HDMI or HD/HD-SDI capable video input with Tegrity


Datastore backup: use incremental or differential backup
Digital Rights Management (DRM)
Info: Recording Peripheral Compatibility Guide
Doc: Tegrity Section 508 Compliance Report
Info: At what resolution is video captured?
Info: IMS roletypes mapping to Tegrity roles?
Info: Instructor vs. Instructional camera/video
Info: Maximum size limit per file for additional content
Info: Primary and non-primary displays
Info: What are the requirements for the Tegrity Scheduler?
Info: What video resolutions can be recorded
Troubleshooting: I’m having trouble with playback buffering
Troubleshooting: My recording uploads slowly
Troubleshooting: Record a Class button not available

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