Hardware Acceleration and Tegrity

Because we have found multiple circumstances when hardware acceleration on Windows PCs causes a failure to properly record video, we’ve configured the Tegrity recorder to automatically disable hardware acceleration when it starts to record.

By setting hardware acceleration to be off by default when recording, this has solved many issues that have arisen where video did not record properly. However, if you have hardware acceleration that you believe will work while Tegrity is recording, you can “disable the disable hardware acceleration” feature.

This is done by editing the Tegrity preferences file on the computer with hardware acceleration installed. You can make the following change:

1. Edit the Tegrity Recorder global preferences file:

Windows 7 and higher – “C:\ProgramData\Tegrity\Preferences”

2. Add the following property to the RecordingPreferences.xml file under the “recording” category:

<category n=”recording”>
<prop n=”DisableHWAcceleration” v=”0″/>

Then quit and restart the Tegrity Recorder.

Please note that it is possible that making this change will cause your video to not be recorded properly, so you should always do a test recording after making this change. If the recording fails to properly capture video, reverse the above edit steps to re-engage the disable hardware acceleration feature.

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