Guide: Tegrity Test Proctoring (Student)

Note: Proctored recordings are uploaded to your instructors “Tests” tab. Students do not have access to review these recordings.

Tegrity test proctoring allows you to take a test from anywhere, as long as you have a computer and internet connection.This option will only be available if your professor has chosen to activate it.

You also must have a webcam and microphone attached to start a proctored test recording.

When you start the Tegrity proctored test recording your desktop, webcam and microphone will be recorded.

The proctored recording will be uploaded to your Tegrity course site when you have completed it .

Once uploaded the recording is only visible to the instructor or Tegrity admin.

Please read all of the instructions below and the instructions from your instructor before recording your test.

Taking a test

1. From your Tegrity Course, click “Start a Test”

Start a test button

2. The box that appears is the institution’s testing policy (if your institution has chosen to write and publish one). Students will need to read and accept to continue .

If the institution does not have a testing policy published, this box will not appear.

3. The next box that appears is the testing policy that your instructor may have created.

Students will need to read and accept to continue.

If no testing policy has been published, a blank, white box will appear.

Students will still need to select “Accept” to continue.

4. The Tegrity Recorder will appear.

Select the camera you wish to use, as well as the audio device if needed.

Click “Next” to continue.

5. Students are then asked to “Take Photo” of themselves so that the professor can be assured that the person who is taking the test is who they say they are, once completed click “Next”

6. Click “Start”

7. If you are using multiple monitors select which monitor you would like to record. Use the left or right arrows to select the correct monitor, and then select “Record this Monitor”


8. When finished, press the “Stop” button in the Tegrity toolbar.


9. The following screen appears. Selecting “No” will allow you to continue the recording. Selecting “Yes” will prompt Tegrity to automatically upload the recording.

End recording

10. Students will be able to monitor the status of their test’s automatic upload from the Upload Queue.

Proctored upload queue

It is best practice to keep the upload queue window open until the upload completes.

Note: The recording will be removed automatically from the upload queue once upload has completed.

Managing the Upload Queue


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