Generating reports: Detailed Reports

Detailed Reports show detailed reports of instructor and students activity for the current week, past week or the entire term up to the current date.

1. First access your Tegrity environment and role your mouse over¬†“reports”, top right

2. Click “Detailed Reports” from the drop down menu

reports - weekly summary

  • The “Detailed Viewing Reports” page appears
  • Click on the type of report you want to view

detailed reports - select report

To scroll through the pages of the detailed report, either:

a. Select the scroll arrows.


b. Enter the page number.

detailed reports enter page number or use arrows

Type search terms into the “find” box (top right), to search for specifics

By selecting an option from the “Select a format” drop-down menu to the far right, you may export your data into a variety of formats, including Word and Excel.

detailed report export selection

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