Email Notification for Recording Upload Status

As an Instructor or a Student you will receive automatic email alerts on the progress of your Tegrity recording upload.

When will I receive email alerts?

When you create and upload a Tegrity recording you will receive 2 alerts:

  1. After stopping a recording and selecting Upload
  2. When the recording is available to view in your course
  3. When a recording fails to upload
    • The email will be sent after 12 hours from the time the server is notified there’s a new queued recording
    • A failed upload notification will include links to appropriate help articles / resources

Users may turn off email alerts by one of the following methods:

  1. My Account
    1. Access Tegrity
    2. Click “my account” at the top right of the page
    3. Remove the check from “Email alerts
  2. Email Alert
    1. Open a received email alert
    2. Scroll down and click “Unsubscribe”
      • Using this method also removes the check from “my account”

Note: We recommend students using Tegrity proctoring remain subscribed.

Users may turn Email alerts back on by:

Log into your Tegrity account, click “my account” and checking the box for “Email alerts


Email Alerts will be set by default.

This service is set at the individual account level and is not controlled by your Tegrity Support administrator.

The service will only be available to users who have an email address in our system.

If you are not receiving alerts and do not see Email alerts under my account, please contact your institutions Tegrity help desk.

Emails will be received from “”, please do not reply to these emails.

Example email:

uploading email notification

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