D2L BrightSpace LTI Integration

The D2L BrightSpace Tegrity integration is based on Basic Learning Tools Interoperability (Basic LTI). Basic LTI is a communication protocol defined by the IMS Global Learning Consortium; for more details about Basic LTI, visit http://www.imsglobal.org.lti.



  • Admin access to Tegrity Dashboard (Manage AAIRS)
  • Admin access to D2L BrightSpace
  • Your Tegrity customer number (provided by Tegrity)
  • Your Tegrity shared secret (provided by Tegrity)


Verify roles and permissions

  1. Login to D2L BrightSpace as an administrator
  2. Click on Admin Tools (gear icon)
  3. Click on IMS Configuration


  1. From Admin Tools, click on Roles and Permissions
  2. Click on drop-down arrow for Instructor
    • Click on Edit Role
    • insrole
    • Click on Edit Role Permissions
    • insper
  3. Repeat step 2 for Student Permissions
    • stuper


Add Tegrity as an LTI tool provider

  1. Click on Admin Tools (gear icon)
  2. Click on External Learning Tools
  3. Click on Manage Tool Providers
  4. Click on New Tool Provider
  5. Enter Name: Tegrity Classes
  6. Enter Launch Point URL: https://aairs.tegrity.com/Service/RedirectCMSLink.aspx
  7. Enter Key and Secret (provided by Tegrity)
  8. Click Add custom parameters (1)
    1. Enter Name: application_type
    2. Enter Value: Tegrity
  9. Check Allow users to use this tool provider
  10. Check the following Security Settings:
    • Send tool consumer information to tool provider
    • Send context information to tool provider
    • Send course information to tool provider
    • Send user ID to tool provider
    • Send user name to tool provider
    • Send user email to tool provider
    • Send system username to tool provider
    • Send system Org Defined ID to tool provider
    • Send system role to tool provider
    • Send link title to tool provider
    • Send link description to tool provider
  11. Click Add Org Units
  12. Select any organization that is licensed for Tegrity use and choose All descendants


Test the LTI configuration

  1. Create a test course
  2. Click Add Content > New File
  3. Enter a title
  4. Click on Insert a Quicklink
  5. Choose Type: External Learning Tools
  6. Choose External Learning Tools: Tegrity Classes
  7. Enter a link caption
  8. Choose New Window
  9. As an instructor, click on the new link

A Tegrity window should open with a corresponding course. You should also see a blue Start a Recording button.

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