Bookmarking: How and Why

Bookmarks and Notes may be used by Instructors and Students

  • Instructors will see their own and student Bookmarks
  • Instructors will only see their own Notes
  • All students will see instructor Bookmarks and Notes
  • Peers do not see another students Bookmarks and Notes
    • Student Notes are personal and specific to an individual recording


Instructors may use Bookmarks and Notes with their recordings to highlight important study areas for students.

A Note may contain a link to a website, or accessible external resource such as a file download link.

  1. Play or skip the recording to the spot on the timeline where the Bookmark and Note is required
  2. Type the note in the box provided and paste any required link
  3. Click Add

Bookmark and Notes add comment

This is how the Note will appear to all users in the course

Bookmarks and notes added

Note: Instructor notes are identified by a Blue uppercase “I”

This is how instructor Bookmarks will appear to all users on the timeline

instructor Bookmarks on timeline

Note: Instructor Bookmarks are Blue

When an instructor adds a Bookmark to a recording the recording will be flagged in the course, as below

Bookmark flag

When in review mode, you will be able to skip to a note by clicking the Bookmark on the timeline, or by clicking the Note in the Bookmarks and Notes window.

Skip to note

To remove a Bookmark and Note, hover over the Note and click the “X” to the far top right

Deleting a bookmark

Note: Once an item has been deleted it cannot be recovered.



A student can use the Bookmarks and Notes to highlight important study areas in an instructor recording.

  1. Select a category for the Note, Important ! or Unclear ?
  2. Enter a comment to remind you why you created the bookmark, then click Add
    • Note: Comments cannot be edited once they have been added, they can be deleted and a new one added at the same location
  3. If you selected Important !, a Gold marker is placed on the timeline
  4. If you selected Unclear ?, a Red marker will be placed on the timeline
  5. If you see an “I” next to a Note it was added by your instructor
  6. If you see a Blue marker on the timeline it was added by your instructor

To remove Bookmarks and Notes, hover over the Note and click the “X” to the far right

Deleting a bookmark

Note: Once an item has been deleted it cannot be recovered.

Students cannot delete instructor Bookmarks and notes

If you have a question for your instructor you can send an email from a bookmarked Note.

  1. Locate the area of the recording which concerns the question
  2. If there is no bookmark add one
  3. Hover your cursor over the note and click the Envelope to the far rightemail this bookmark
  4. In the pop-up window, enter:
    • your first and last name
    • your instructors email address
    • your question, make it as clear as possible
  5. Click Send

Sending an email

Your instructor will receive an email with your question and a link to the place in the recording where the Bookmark is.

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