Best Practices for Recording

The following are Tegrity’s best practice recommendations for recording.

  • Keep the power adapter connected when recording on a laptop
  • Open all lecture/presentation materials that will be used (e.g. PowerPoint, web browsers, etc.) prior to starting the Tegrity Recorder.
  • Avoid using external drives, such as USB thumb drives, or Network drives. Save and open files from the internal hard drive.
  • If more than one application or file will be used, open them in the order that they will be presented
    • Minimize all except the first application
  • Close all other applications that will not be used during the recording to free up system resources and reduce the possibly of displaying and recording unintended content
    • Close/quit any webcam software as it may contend with Tegrity for system resources
  • Start the Tegrity Recorder via the Record a Class button on the Tegrity course page, or start the Tegrity Recorder from the PC system tray (if available) or the Mac application bar
  • When you see “Recording will start momentarily…”, make the first application/file full-screen
    • If the first application is MS PowerPoint, switch the application to presentation mode
    • Nothing is being recorded until the Tegrity Recorder toolbar is displayed
  • Use the Pause function on the Tegrity Recorder toolbar if you need to temporarily suspend recording
    • Pausing will create a chapter in the recording
    • Pause can be used at the beginning of a recording — wait for 10-20 seconds before pausing to allow the Recorder to fully initialize — you can use this time to setup the open applications/files on your desktop
    • Pause can be used when you switch between applications during a recording
    • Remember to unpause to resume recording
  • Press the stop button when you are finished with your recording — do not use pause to end a recording
  • Adjust the Power Settings to prevent your hard drive from going to into sleep mode while recording and uploading your recording
  • Allow the Tegrity Recorder to process and upload the recording
    • You can check the upload queue for the processing and upload status
    • You can lock your device while the Recorder is processing and uploading the recording

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