Audio Mixers

Tegrity doesn’t actually record audio from other applications directly within the computer. Operating systems have been architected to preclude that (to allow them to not run afoul of copyright concerns with the music industry, basically). To date, Tegrity has not provided a way to work around the OSes to capture audio from other applications. Consequently, audio must come from outside the computer, even if the source is an application on the recording computer.

To handle this, there are 2 options in rooms that don’t have a multimedia switch:

  • Place the mic near the computer speaker to get audio (not the greatest, but it works for the purposes of recording what’s happening in the class most of the time)
  • Much better quality: Use a simple, inexpensive audio mixer that receives both the mic and PC audio outputs, mixes them as desired, and then sends the resulting signal back into the PC via USB, a line in or mic port

There are USB (output) mixers available, from under $100 and up, that should be useful for this purpose. Tegrity cannot provide specific recommendations but as long as the output is a properly configured audio signal per the host operating system, there should be no issues using them.

Of course, in rooms with multimedia switches, the computer audio output is just one audio input into the switch, and you would route the audio output back to the appropriate input port on the recording computer.

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