ANGEL – User Identification Troubleshooting

By default Tegrity Nugget for ANGEL is configured for internal identification. So, the user id transmitted as a part of the SSO token is derived from the internal ANGEL id (referred as “USER_UID” in ANGEL documentation)

If the user ids are imported from an external system (like  an SIS), then it may be necessary to switch the nugget to a different type of the id. In order to do so you have to locate inside of the ‘sso.asp’.

Find sso.asp – select edit

angel user

Edit the the following line:

sUserId = Session(“USER”)(USER_UID)

'sso.asp' in the ANGEL admin UI

Within this line the USER_ID can be substituted with numerical values 1 or 27.  So the versions of the line may respectively look like:

sUserId = Session(“USER”)(1)


sUserId = Session(“USER”)(27)

When the change is done the AAIRS connector on the Tegrity side (in the AAIRS admin UI) should be reconfigured to support the change: the ‘id_type’ parameter  of the “extended properties”  should be be assigned one of the values – ‘external’ or ‘login’.

So, the “extended properties” may look like:;app_user=apiadmin;app_user_password=Q4FE$@;id_type=login


respectively for the login (1) or external (27) identification

Important: note that, practically, the most frequent case is the ‘external’ identification, which assumes:

sUserId = Session(“USER”)(27) for the user id value within the nugget source (‘sso.asp’)
id_type=external for the external properties

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