How To: Enable and Use Closed Captioning Auto Generation (voice-to-text)

As an administrator, you can enable “Auto-Generated Captioning” for Instructors.

Please review the full article before proceeding.

How to enable Autogenerated Captioning:

Step 1. Login to your admin dashboard and select “Advanced Service Settings”

Step 2. Under advanced service settings select “Enabled captioning workflow”

  • Check the box “Allow instructors to add autogenerated captions”

Step 3. Scroll down to the bottom of the Advanced Service Settings page and select “OK”

Auto Generate image 1.4

Setup is complete.

Autogenerated Captioning is now available to all instructors courses.

Autogenerated caption requests will be displayed under “Caption Requests” from the Tegrity Dashboard, but administrators do not need to authorize them.


The Automatic captioning (voice-to-text) option allows for an economical captioning option to Instructors for those less critical captioning needs.
Please note that voice-to-text is not ADA compliant; And is very dependent on the clarity of the person speaking as well as the ambient background noise. Even under ideal conditions the technology is still not 100% effective at capturing and understanding the human voice. So it is recommended that you review the recording and edit any inconsistencies after the captioning has completed. You can un-publish the recording to avoid students viewing it until your editing is completed, see: How to: Unpublish (hide) a recording

Step 1. Login to the course that has the recording you want to add captioning to and select the recording by checking the box to the right

Note: You can select multiple recordings

Step 2. Under “Recording Tasks” select “Request Captions”

Then select “OK”

The captions will be generated automatically.

When automatic captions have been added, you should review the recording to ensure captioning accuracy.

See article : How to: Edit Closed Captions using the Recording Editor

To review information or see the status of autogenerated requests, return to the Admin Dashboard and select “Caption Requests”


You may provide this article to instructors to enable them to start using the Autogenerated Captioning feature: How To: Use Closed Captioning Auto Generation (voice-to-text)

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