Admin Dashboard Overview

Tegrity’s new Admin Dashboard brings with it a number of new features. This guide will help you to navigate throughout the dashboard and to explain how some of the processes operate.

Admin Dashboard

The Admin dashboard is divided into the following categories:

  • Status
  • Events and Alerts
  • Recorders and Recordings
  • Users
  • Courses
  • Service Settings and Maintenance
  • Integration
  • Reports
  • Help
  • Launch a Support Session


  • Total Views:  Total number of online views during reporting period
  • Total Recordings: Total number of existing recordings within instance
  • Total Recording Hours:  Total number of recording hours of existing recordings within instance
  • Days Active:  Number of days instance has been available
  • Used Storage Space:  Total amount of storage space currently used by recordings (all formats) and additional content
  • Available Storage Space:  Total amount of storage space available for additional recordings or content

Events and Alerts

The Events and Alerts section provides various status updates of events and any critical alerts.

  • Events: Recording related (e.g., completed processing).
  • Alerts: Conditions needing administrator attention (e.g., < 10% storage space available).

Recorders and Recordings

  • Install Recorder:  Install on current computer by user with admin authority
  • Download Installable Recorder for PC:  MSI package for use with restricted or controlled computer images
  • Download Installable Recorder for Mac: Install package file compatible for Mac
  • Download Scheduler: Enables user with admin authority to pre-schedule automatic recording creation on any Tegrity-enabled computer

Monitor Recorders


  • Provides information about recent recording computers.
  • Identifies: number of recordings in queue, computer name, IP address, status (recording, processing, uploading, ready or offline), OS type, recorder version, last recording date/time, and recorder unique ID.


Monitor Recordings


  • Provides specific information regarding recent recordings including recording title, date, course, instructor, etc.


  • Impersonate User: Access Tegrity as if you were other user with user ID only
  • Manage Ad-hoc Users (User Builder): Create/modify users with User Builder; assign Executive and Admin roles (if enabled)
  • Manage Self-Registration Users: Link to self-registration admin page to invite instructors (if enabled)
  • Manage Excel-based Users: Create users based on upload of MS Excel file (if enabled)
  • Manage Admin Users: Create/Modify/Delete admin user accounts
  • View Course List: List of all courses for all users
  • Manage Course Settings: Change defaults and optionally lock course settings for recording, publishing, and delivery. (For more on managing course settings, see below)
  • Manage Ad-hoc Courses / Enrollments: Create/modify ad-hoc courses and enrollments with Course Builder (if enabled)
  • Manage Self-Registration Courses / Enrollments: Link to self-registration courses (future)
  • Manage Excel-based Courses / Enrollments: Create courses and course enrollments based on upload of MS Excel file

Managing Course Settings

  • On/Off: Sets default setting


  • Lock: Lock default On/Off setting so that instructors cannot change
Service Settings and Maintenance


  • Customize User Interface: Customize appearance of Tegrity instance
  • Set Recorder Enforced Login: Configure access requirements for recorder login
  • Set Email and Connection Settings: Configure e-mail recipients for alerts and help requests
  • Advanced Service Settings: Configure iTunes integration, Automated captioning, and proctoring
  • Reprocess Tegrity Classes: Reprocess failed uploads or unprocessed podcast and vodcasts


-Manage AAIRS (authentication, authorization, interlinks)

What is AAIRS Direct Login Authentication?
  • It’s how users are authenticated (prove each user is who s/he claims to be) when accessing their Tegrity account.
  • At least one authentication authority must be configured for user access.
  • Examples: AD, LDAP, CMA/LMS Single Sign On
  • Process:
    • When a user requests access to Tegrity, AAIRS Authentication is invoked and it attempts to authenticate user with each authentication authority, in order, until user is authenticated or there are no more authentication authorities in the list.
    • If user is authenticated, AAIRS Authorization is processed.
    • If user is not authenticated, user is presented with login failure error.
  • Identifies for each authorized user.
    • Content allowed to see
    • Functions allowed to perform based on their IMS role (instructor, student, admin).
  • At least one authorization source must be configured for user access.
  • Multiple authorization sources can be integrated seamlessly at once, pulling dataset for an authenticated user wherever information exists.
    • Examples: CMS/LMS platforms that contain course and role information for users (e.g., Blackboard, Angel, WebCT, Sakai, Moodle). Additionally, courses in CMS/LMS where a link to Tegrity instance is automatically created (if possible).

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