AAIRS Overview

Tegrity AAIRS™

Automatic Authentication, Integration and Real-time Synchronization

AAIRS Overview

Tegrity AAIRS™ fully automates the authentication (SSO) and integration setup process, and makes Tegrity Campus the only Lecture Capture solution on the market that keeps CMS student, instructor, course and enrollment data synchronized in real-time, eliminating the ongoing management tasks that competitive solutions force upon IT.


Automatically Integrates with Your Dataset

Integration with the course list and enrollment data from your SIS/CMS makes the entire publishing process completely automatic. Recording is easy for instructors, and requires no work for IT. Every recording is automatically placed in the right course for enrolled students to access securely.

Automatically Authenticates and Allows Single Sign-On

Integrates with your institution’s Active Directory or LDAP Authentication systems, allowing for single-sign-on access from either Tegrity or your institution’s CMS.

Automatically Integrates Your CMS

Seamlessly integrates with your institution’s CMS/SIS, portals, and IMS-compliant applications, including Blackboard, WebCT, Sakai, Angel, Moodle and more.


Automated Workflow

Completely automates the lecture capture workflow, so there is no need to manually schedule or publish recordings, or manually convert them to different formats. The system runs itself, without IT assistance.

Eliminates Ongoing Management and Maintenance Tasks

User, course and enrollment data from the CMS is kept in sync with Tegrity, so students and instructors won’t be contacting IT wondering why they don’t see the appropriate courses after logging in to Tegrity.


User-context enables the delivery of personalized features such as Smart Bookmarks, Views/Not Viewed indicator and Resume Playback function.

Powerful Reporting

Report on viewing frequency, time and duration across courses – down to a specific student or instructor. Administrators can cross-correlate the data in order to determine Tegrity’s impact on grades and class completion rates.

How it Works

AAIRS includes three main modules:


Single Sign-On Interlinks

Direct Login Authentication

These modules contain Connectors which communicate with Agents.  For example, the Tegrity Blackboard Building Block is an AAIRS Agent.

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