Update to the Requirements for Viewing and Creating Tegrity Recordings

Operating systems and browser are updated on a regular basis. We will periodically update the requirements for viewing and creating Tegrity recordings to reflect these updates. Below are the links showing the current requirements for viewing and creating Tegrity recordings:

What are the requirements for viewing a Tegrity recording?

What are the requirements for creating a recording?

Update to the Tegrity Help Portal

We have made a significant update to the Tegrity Help Portal. In addition to a refreshed appearance, we have switched to using knowledgebase articles to provide better search functionality and other enhancements.

Please note that if you have direct links to Tegrity support articles, you will need to update them as follows:
1. Change the start of the URL from https to http
2. Remove .html from the end of the URL
3. Add ‘/kb’ between help.tegrity.com and the KB Article title

Old link: https://help.tegrity.com/what-are-the-requirements-for-a-viewing-a-tegrity-recording.html
New link: http://help.tegrity.com/kb/what-are-the-requirements-for-a-viewing-a-tegrity-recording