Tegrity Recorder Bug Notification – Recorder Stops in PowerPoint Presentation Mode

An issue was discovered that affects the Tegrity PC Recorder (build — when using PowerPoint, the Tegrity Recorder stops when going into presentation mode.

Our developers are reverting the PC Recorder to the previous version (build

If a computer has already been updated to the new PC Recorder build 2507, then the Recorder will need to be manually uninstalled. Build 2487 will reinstall when the user starts a new Tegrity recording.

We apologize for any inconvenience this issue is causing. Thank you for your patience. Please contact us with any questions or concerns regarding this issue.

The Tegrity Team

LDAP Authentication Issues

UPDATE: Tegrity service is back to normal operations as of 12:15 PM CDT.

The issue was caused by a network setting change to the Tegrity AAIRS services by AWS ELB. Our engineers have resolved the issue and users are able to successfully login directly to Tegrity with their LDAP credentials.

Instances configured to use LDAP for Direct Login Authentication may be experiencing user login failures. We are actively working with our engineers to resolve this issue.

As a workaround, users can use the SSO link in their LMS courses to access Tegrity recordings.

We apologize for the inconvenience this issue is causing. Updates on this issue will be posted here.

The Tegrity Team

11/17 Service Outage

UPDATE: Service has been restored as of 9:55 AM CST.

We are currently experiencing a service outage which is affecting the playback of Tegrity recordings. Our engineering team is working on resolving the issue as soon as possible. We will post an updated message once the issue is resolved.

Thank you for your patience while we work to resolve this issue.

The Tegrity Team


Tegrity Bug Notification – Student Recordings Become Published

A bug has been identified which causes new student recordings to be published even when the ‘Automatically publish student recordings’ option is disabled in the Course Settings. Student recordings that were previously unpublished are not affected. Tegrity R&D engineers are aware of this issue and are actively working to fix it. We recommend that instructors who do not publish student recordings check their course to make sure all student recordings remain unpublished. Until a fix is released, an instructor should manually unpublish student recordings as necessary.

Please use the instructions in this support article to unpublish student recordings: http://help.tegrity.com/kb/how-to-unpublish-hide-a-recording

Scheduler Overview

Tegrity Scheduler enables Tegrity administrators to automate the recording of class sessions on any Tegrity-enabled classroom computer (i.e., where the Tegrity recorder has already been installed).

Tegrity Scheduler enables the Tegrity administrator to:

  • Create and maintain automated recording schedules for specific classroom computers
  • Create recurring recording schedules for ongoing courses
  • Create one-time recording schedules for special events such as guest lectures
  • Specify whether an instructor is notified when recording begins and ends
  • Specify whether to launch the recorder start dialog and end dialog at the pre-scheduled times
  • Copy, cut-and-paste, and delete recording schedules

Note:  The delete function is useful for canceling recording on holidays.

Please note the following requirements for using Tegrity Scheduler:

  • Tegrity recorder must be installed on the classroom computer for which you want to create or edit schedules. It is recommended that you record at least one recording on that computer prior to scheduling the automatic recordings to ensure that audio and video inputs are configured correctly
  • The classroom computer for which you want to create or edit schedules must be logged onto the network
  • You must create or edit schedules at least one hour before the starting time for a class recording
  • During the scheduled recording time, the classroom computer must be powered on and a user must be logged in

Schedules are created on the Administrator’s local PC computer and then published to (and stored on) the institution’s Tegrity instance


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New Tegrity Mobile App for iOS released

A new Tegrity Mobile App 9.0 for iOS was released today and is expected to be available in the App Store in the next 24 hours.


  • Support for Tegrity service in AWS
  • Bug fixes in playback / upload

Tegrity Maintenance Bulletin TEG15-002

Maintenance work was carried out between 2am-6am ET. A new Mac Recorder (Build 1618) was released.


  • Fix: In certain cases, remote proctoring recordings made with the Mac recorder will hang during the upload at around 45%.