Mac Recorder, Android, iOS Update Notification

Updated iOS, Mac, and Android applications will be available on Sunday, September 10th. The updates will include the following changes:

New iOS app


– New redesigned interface
– New Watch Later feature
– New Downloaded screen to manage downloaded recordings
– New push notifications for new recordings
– Improved search feature

New Mac Recorder (Build 3080)


– Improve robustness of Audio/Video capture
– Improve recorder responsiveness at startup
– Fix crash when double clicking the screen annotations button
– Fixed accessibility issue on start dialog
– Add proctoring warning message for: Siri, FaceTime, Power-Source, Required storage

New Android app


– Fix permission issue for new installs

Tegrity Recorder Bug Notification – Recordings appear to have no chapters (Windows 10)

UPDATE: Tegrity Recorder (build has been released on 8/14/2017 to resolve this issue.

An issue was discovered that affects all versions of the Tegrity PC Recorder — when a Windows 10 system with multiple monitors is updated to version 1703, the chapter thumbnails are not generated for the recording, preventing users from being able to view it. This issue is isolated to Windows 10 version 1703. To check your Windows 10 version, right-click the Start button, click Run, type “winver” and press enter. If you have recordings affected by this specific issue, please contact support so that we can work with you to repair your recording.

There is a workaround that will prevent this issue from occurring in future recordings. Please use the instructions in this support article to apply the workaround.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and appreciate your patience while our developers work to create a new Recorder that will address this issue.

The Tegrity Team

Tegrity Maintenance Bulletin TEG17-002

Maintenance work is scheduled to be carried out on July 9 between 2am-6am ET.
No downtime or service disruption is expected with this update.


– Fix: Certain users were unable to see all enrolled courses
– Fix: Some recordings had missing chapters after uploading
– Fix: Changes made in Edit Recording Properties sometimes did not save
– Fix: Certain accounts could not be impersonated by administrators
– Fix: Unable to import multiple video clips into a recording
– Fix: Reports not showing new recordings that have not been viewed
– Fix: Email notifications for queued and successfully uploaded audio files were not being sent
– Fix: Certain customers were unable to upload recordings after reaching 90% of the usage quota
– Fix: New courses do not appear in the mobile app unless the user logs out and logs back in
– Fix: Unable to edit existing captions for a recording that was re-uploaded
– Fix: Help Desk account unable to access the Dashboard
– Fix: Unable to view long course names when copying or moving a recording
– Fix: Unable to restore an archived recording if quota has been exceeded
– Fix: User and institution names are not displayed for some users in the mobile app
– Fix: Incorrect information displayed on the Tegrity diagnostic page
– New: Notification to mobile apps when a new recording is available
– New: Support for upcoming mobile app updates
– New: PC Recorder (installable package on the Dashboard will be updated on 7/16/2017)

PC Recorder Build Update Notification

A new PC Recorder build will be available starting 7/9/2017 which fixes the following issues:


– Fix: Recorder quits unexpectedly after ending a WebCast recording (Windows 10)
– Fix: Improved codec handling to prevent video corruption

Tegrity Maintenance Bulletin TEG17-001

Maintenance work is scheduled to be carried out on April 18 between 2am-6am ET.
No downtime or service disruption is expected with this update


– Fix: Incorrect “exceeded by” value in automated quota emails
– Fix: Recorder Enforced Login setting is ignored when using Shibboleth authentication
– Fix: Unable to download closed captions in IE and Edge browsers
– Fix: Upload issues in mobile app (iOS 10)
– Fix: Handling of non-English characters in caption files
– Fix: Issue archiving of courses with unsupported characters in recording titles
– Fix: Resume Playback button not available
– Fix: Mac OS Sierra compatibility
– New: Closed Caption Editor more…
– New: Enhanced Grade Book features more…
– New: Additional email alert when upload fails more…

*Recorder update has been rescheduled to April 19th between 2am-6am ET*
– New: Updated PC Recorder (build 2458)
– New: Updated Mac Recorder (build 3065)

11/17 Service Outage

UPDATE: Service has been restored as of 9:55 AM CST.

We are currently experiencing a service outage which is affecting the playback of Tegrity recordings. Our engineering team is working on resolving the issue as soon as possible. We will post an updated message once the issue is resolved.

Thank you for your patience while we work to resolve this issue.

The Tegrity Team


Tegrity Bug Notification – Student Recordings Become Published

A bug has been identified which causes new student recordings to be published even when the ‘Automatically publish student recordings’ option is disabled in the Course Settings. Student recordings that were previously unpublished are not affected. Tegrity R&D engineers are aware of this issue and are actively working to fix it. We recommend that instructors who do not publish student recordings check their course to make sure all student recordings remain unpublished. Until a fix is released, an instructor should manually unpublish student recordings as necessary.

Please use the instructions in this support article to unpublish student recordings: