Memorial Day Office Closure Notification

The Tegrity Technical Support office will be closed on Monday, May 30, in observance of Memorial Day. If you have a support issue, please call and leave a voicemail or send an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Blackboard Building Block 9.2.75 Update Notification

Updated: May 10, 2016  – Updates in Bold

Blackboard Building Block 9.2.75 is available for download on the AAIRS Downloads page. This version is compatible with Blackboard Learn 9.1 SP10 through October 2014 releases and newer.

– Bug with initial installation
– Bug with communication protocols
– Bug with Gradebook synchronization

Tegrity Maintenance Bulletin TEG16-002

Maintenance work is scheduled to be carried out on March 6 between 2am-6am ET


– Fix: Download Manager faults when downloading recordings
– Fix: Missing options in Course Tasks and Recording Tasks drop-down list for Help Desk Admins
– Fix: Instructors are unable to login to Tegrity when the institution’s LMS is offline
– Fix: Last Viewing column in View Course List shows 1/1/2001 for courses that have had no viewings
– Fix: Recording does not appear in new course on mobile app after being moved from another course
– Fix: Some Webcasts are unavailable or are unplayable
– Fix: Single Sign-On Interlinks are not working in Populi
– Fix: Unable to add closed captioning to some recordings
– Fix: Admin is unable to select instructors in the Scheduler
– Fix: Admin is unable to impersonate certain User IDs
– Update: Display Customer ID on the Admin Dashboard

Tegrity Maintenance Bulletin TEG16-001

Maintenance work is scheduled to be carried out on January 3 between 2am-6am ET


Updates to the Tegrity Download Manager:
– Places downloaded recordings in the ‘My Documents/My Tegrity Recordings’ folder
– Previously downloaded recordings will be migrated to the new folder location
– Folder names of the downloaded recordings will be more recognizable
– Allows for the selection of multiple recordings for downloading

Tegrity Maintenance Bulletin TEG15-016

Maintenance work is scheduled to be carried out on December 30 between 2am-6am ET

12/30/2015 Update: The Download Manager updates were rescheduled due to a bug that was discovered during final testing.


– Fix: Mobile app playback issues
Fix: Ability to download multiple recordings
– Fix: The ability to view the live webcast for a lecture is not available
– Fix: Recording date changes after editing Recording Properties
– Fix: Recording hours quota shows more hours than actual
– Fix: Rename ‘Private Course’ to ‘Sandbox’ to better align with organizational guidelines

PC Recorder Build Update Notification

We understand that many institutions have managed classroom and end-user systems which utilizes centralized software deployment and updates for the applications installed on these systems. Please contact Client Services or Technical Support to obtain the latest PC Recorder build so that you can coordinate – with the appropriate teams at your institution – the packaging and distribution of the latest build to these managed systems, and to schedule a date for your Tegrity Service to be updated to the latest build for automatic deployment to unmanaged systems.

The most current production build of the PC Recorder is Please coordinate the update of the managed systems at your institution and schedule your Tegrity Service to be updated at your earliest convenience. There may be some reduced functionality with Monitoring Recorders and Monitor Recordings with prior PC Recorder builds.

Additional information about the current PC Recorder build is available in Tegrity Maintenance Bulletin TEG15-014.html

Thank you.

The Tegrity Team

Update to the Requirements for Viewing and Creating Tegrity Recordings

Operating systems and browser are updated on a regular basis. We will periodically update the requirements for viewing and creating Tegrity recordings to reflect these updates. Below are the links showing the current requirements for viewing and creating Tegrity recordings:

What are the requirements for viewing a Tegrity recording?

What are the requirements for creating a recording?

Update to the Tegrity Help Portal

We have made a significant update to the Tegrity Help Portal. In addition to a refreshed appearance, we have switched to using knowledgebase articles to provide better search functionality and other enhancements.

Please note that if you have direct links to Tegrity support articles, you will need to update them as follows:
1. Change the start of the URL from https to http
2. Remove .html from the end of the URL
3. Add ‘/kb’ between and the KB Article title

Old link:
New link: