Tegrity Maintenance Bulletin TEG16-010

Maintenance work is scheduled to be carried out on August 14 between 2am-6am ET


– Fix: Monitor Recorders shows Windows 10 computers as Windows 8
– Fix: Possible crash in background service causing the zip process to fail
– Update: Improve error handling and service functionality after an error occurs

No downtime or service disruption is expected with this update

Component Updates:

– New PC Recorder
– New PC Download Manager
– New Mac Download Manager

Tegrity Maintenance Bulletin TEG16-009

Maintenance work is scheduled to be carried out on July 29 between 2am-6am ET

An update will be applied to the back-end systems to optimize memory utilization. There is no downtime or service disruption expected.

Tegrity Maintenance Bulletin TEG16-008

Instances that have already received the Summer 2016 Update will be updated with TEG16-008 on July 14 between 2am-6am ET. Instances scheduled to receive the Summer 2016 Update on a future date will automatically receive TEG16-008 at the same time.


– Fix: Last Update date for courses all show today’s date
– Fix: Accuracy of Status information shown on the Admin Dashboard
– Fix: Captioning workflow issues with CC service providers
– Fix: Course IDs appearing in all lower-case letters
– Fix: Issues associated with reprocessing recordings
– Fix: Uploaded recordings remain in Processing status
– Fix: Browser caches the last shared recording link that a user viewed
– Fix: Deleting a recording after previewing it creates a Pending recording
– Update: Ability to upload multiple recordings at the same time to one course
– Update: Get Support emails submitted by users to include course and recording info
– Update: Reduce frequency of admin alerts when Recording Hours have been exceeded

Tegrity Summer 2016 Update Notification

The Tegrity Summer 2016 Update is scheduled to be deployed on Sunday, July 17. Please refer to the June 24 email notification from our Client Services Team for more detailed information about this Update. The Update will be deployed to all customer instances on July 17 between 2-6 AM EDT, unless arrangements for a different date were already made with our Client Services Team.

Independence Day Office Closure Notification

The Tegrity Technical Support office will be closed on Monday, July 4, in observance of Independence Day. If you have a support issue, please call and leave a voicemail or send an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Tegrity Maintenance Bulletin TEG16-006

A new PC Recorder build will be available on Wednesday, June 29.

New features and capabilities of new PC Recorder include:
– Native H.264 recording and webcasting – more supported browsers for viewing webcasts
– Direct MP4 outputs, except on systems with less than 4 cores and running Windows 7
– Shorter recording-to-availability cycle for all supported browsers
– Improved support for HDMI video and sound inputs
– Higher video quality defaults

Please contact Client Services or Technical Support if you would like to obtain the new PC Recorder for packaging and deploying to your managed systems.

Tegrity Maintenance Bulletin TEG16-004

Maintenance work was carried out on June 14 between 2am-6am ET

An update was made to the back-end systems to maintain functionality of the current PC recorder (build 2301) with the upcoming Summer Update.

Additional fixes include:
– Ability for students to view live webcasts of recordings that are not published by default
– Ability for instructors to view past courses in the mobile app

Tegrity Maintenance Bulletin TEG16-003

Maintenance work was carried out on May 29 between 2am-6am ET

An update was made to the back-end systems to maintain reporting functionality with the upcoming Summer Update. No changes were made to the user interface.

The maintenance update was completed around 5am ET. Following the update our engineers noticed some performance degradation when accessing Tegrity and navigating between pages. The issue was resolved around 10am ET and our performance monitors showed that all systems are back to normal operations.